Two Girls, No Gas

It always happens on one of those nights. You know, the kind where you are ACTUALLY dead set on going to bed by 10? No. Matter. What. So I am laying on my couch at 10:15 (clearly not sleeping yet) and I get a phone call from an old friend, Erika, who is here on her internship.

She is stuck. Side of the interstate. No Gas.

I have never actually ran out of gas myself - but let's be honest, there have been a few close calls. So what do you do when you run out of gas?

(1) Call a friend - It doesn't help to call dad first if he is in another city. By then you could have some creeper pulled over on the side of the road just you and mr. creeper. This is one case where 2 is DEFINITELY better than 1.

(2) Evaluate the situation - Is there a gas station close by? Are you just going to call AAA? Does your insurance plan cover roadside assistance? (Ahhh this is what you should do to PREPARE for this situation. E) Are you in a safe place to fill up the gas yourself?  Erika and I decide that we are close to a gas station and capable of filling up her tank enough to get her to the gas station.

(3) Follow directions - Take a minute to figure out what you NEED to do. For example. to get the gas container to work there are several steps to setting up the funnel. It is probably just better to let the guy at the gas station screw the top on (you dont have to be THAT independent)

(4) Be wary of assistance - Help is good. and needed (especially after you fill up the tank and then find out that the battery is now dead since the lights were on while waiting for a friend to arrive). But make sure you judge their approach, have 911 handy. Look for their hand in their pocket. (not a good sign)

(5) Opposites don't always attract - this isn't about running out of gas, but handy advice. Turns out you cant jump an SUV with a small car. Keep that in mind. Find a car that matches in size.

(6) Follow through & Don't be a quitter- As a friend always always follow them to the gas station and make sure they make it home okay.

Additional Notes:
-Thank you dad for the heavy duty jumper cables. I came in clutch!
-Learn for Erika, don't run out of gas (my lesson is learned, dont find out the hard way!)
-Never say "I am going to bed by 10 no matter what". You end up posting in your blog at 12:30
-Why don't we all look like Megan Fox when we are fixing a car?
-Did you know that gas is clear!?
-How do you feel about giving money to the guys that help you? How much would you give? Is that appropriate?

Thus concluding another "Independent Girl" Story. Happy Driving to you all - go fill up your tank tomorrow.

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  1. I have never personally run out of gas but Justin has and I had to go to his rescue. I don't have a gas can (personally) but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have one around just in case; luckily I know how to use one because I actually really enjoy mowing my mom's lawn and you have to fill up a lawn mower with one (and on that note I did know that gas is clear-ish). And I'm not sure as to the validity of not being able to jump an SUV with a car because my Jetta has definitely jumped both an SUV and Justin's monster of a truck...maybe that's just German engineering?! And I totally wish I had Megan Fox's figure/look while doing ANYTHING!